Our commitment is to provide superior service and expertise for the LGBTQ+ community by cultivating trust, transparency, empathy and protection for your business and personal needs.

What’s sexy about having to carry any kind of insurance?  Nothing.  However, choosing the right people to do your insurance business with can make it a bit more tolerable if not even enjoyable along the way.  

Doing business with people with whom you already have a connection. Being a business owner is already rife with the unknown, and it is often a relief to work with someone with whom you have a natural connection. Ron experienced this first hand with this health care provider.  Most visits to his doctor meant having to censor what he shared with him out of fear of judgement or just his own insecurities.  When he obtained an LGBTQ+ doctor, no discussion was off limits.  He could exhale and have a candid, and honest relationship.